@nicktrout opened this Issue on September 11th 2017

I have been unable to login to my piwik for several days. Tried the password reset link several times but it still says invalid username/password. I can see the login and hashed pw in DB via phpmyadmin. I have tried to manually reset the pw there using:
php -r 'echo password_hash(md5("changeMe"), PASSWORD_DEFAULT) . "\n";'
then updating the relevant record in the users table.
I am at my wits end with this. I haven't upgraded or updated anything. One minute it was working and now it refuses to let me in. What can I do?

@jsargent7089 commented on September 11th 2017

You could try removing it and do a reinstall of piwik

@nicktrout commented on September 11th 2017

Got it figured out--thanks! I (re)installed to 3.1.0. Now I can log in.

This Issue was closed on September 11th 2017
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