@hpvd opened this Issue on September 11th 2017

Show content views and content interactions also in in summary within visitor profile.
Since one is mostly active like other things already shown in summary (interaction)
and the other one is mostly passiv (view) liek no other things shown in summary before
may be a splitting of information makes sense..

Please see attachment
=> what do you think?

@mattab commented on September 18th 2017 Member

Thanks @hpvd for the suggestion.

  • we need to check that Content interactions are indeed tracked as Actions in Piwik
  • +1 to add "content interactions" in the "Spent a total of..... " first line
  • Not sure about showing "Content views" in the summary. What would be the advantages to show the sum of content views?
@hpvd commented on September 18th 2017

@mattab, thanks for your points!
just some thoughts to the importance of number of contentviews (and maybe some ideas for further statistics)

  • content views can be some kind of measurement how deeply a visitor was "informed" and with this how big his chance was to interact (content interaction).
  • content interactions per content view is a measurement for the quality of a content element.
  • number of content element views per page is a measurement for the quality of a positioning the element a long visitors "view possibilities"... (these could greatly depend on the type of device used...and should be optimized for different ones...)
    Only if a visitor who sees an element can interact with it...
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