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We are trying to migrate sites from one Piwik instance to another( source db from windows server and target db in linux environment ) using the Site Migration plugin. We could find some mismatch in the data after migration. Please find the details below:

DB name : sourcedb and targetdb in mysql
we are using : site migration plugin
we have activated the site migration plugin in windows and ran the below command for site migration :

php ./console migration:site 1 --db-prefix piwik_ --db-username arun --db-password xxxxxxx --db-name target
destination database host : localhost
start tranasaction
migrating site config
loading existing actions
migrating log data -visits
migrating log data - link visit action
migrating log data - conversions and conversion items
migrating archive data
commit transaction .

the above command was migrated the from source db site id : 1 to siteid : 50 to our target db. In end of the migration we are getting commit transaction line.
(ending without any error ) .

But only piwik_site and piwik_archive_x and numeric table data were get populated into tragetdb from sourcedb..

DAta are not populated in the below tables ..


Can anyone please let me know what is the issue here.


@mattab commented on September 18th 2017 Member

Hi @Sobhika2

Surprising, the last times we used the plugin it was correctly migrating the log_* tables data. Please create the issue in the project repo here: https://github.com/PiwikPRO/plugin-SiteMigration/issues/

@mattab commented on April 16th 2019 Member

FYI we have released a new plugin which lets you migrate one website from one Matomo instance to another. Get it for free at http://plugins.matomo.org/Migration

@shubhangi1995 commented on May 8th 2019

hi @mattab
is there a way we can migrate visitor logs and reports from one instance to another instance of piwik.

@tsteur commented on May 8th 2019 Member

See previous comment.

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