@signalpoint opened this Issue on September 6th 2017

Piwik Version: 3.0.4

If I use the search box on a Custom Dimension to filter for two zip codes, for example: 75202|28203

This works properly and returns results like this screen shot...

screenshot from 2017-09-05 22-20-16

...and uses a URL like the one below:


We can see that the filter_pattern query string parameter is equal to an encoded value of 75202%7C28203

Now if I try to load this widget via an iframe with the following URL...


We can see the filter_pattern is encoded with the same value of 75202%7C28203, but this yields no results, and from this screenshot you can see that the value in the search box is not properly decoded.

screenshot from 2017-09-05 22-33-02

Is this perhaps a bug, or am I using the API improperly via an iframe?

@mattab commented on September 18th 2017 Member

Thanks for the report @signalpoint. Yes, it is a bug. Although we didn't plan for you to do this (and don't yet have automated tests for it), it is an interesting and valid use case and should work.

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