@viktorix opened this Issue on September 4th 2017

Not sure if this is a bug or by design, it looks like a bug. Visits numbering is inaccurate in the Visitor Profile modal popup.

Here's an example:

First visit should be #1, second visit #2, and so on. Right now that's not how it's numbered, so it's a bit confusing at first glance. I believe it's been there before, but I never really paid attention to it until now.

Version: Piwik 3.0.5-b2

@tsteur commented on September 4th 2017 Member
@tsteur commented on September 4th 2017 Member
@blynch11p commented on December 19th 2017

Apologies for commenting on a closed ticket (I can't find anyone else referencing my situation), but looking at this issue, and the comment in #8491 ...

I think the only solution will be to actually fetch the number of visits for a certain user. There is an index on idsite, idvisitor so it should be pretty fast actually.

Did that suggestion not actually happen? I've been tinkering with v3.2 and I have many users that top 100 visits. The Visit count is starting at <a href='/100'>#100</a> (not a big deal, really) but the secondary issue is that the "First Visit" date is (in my case) whatever the date for Visit <a href='/91'>#91</a> is in the Visitor Profile window (ie: the date for the oldest of the 10 visits that load initially. This does not update when I click 'Load more visits'). So if the user visits a site every day, visit <a href='/91'>#91</a> / First Visit is only 10 days back, rather than >100 days or > 3 years or whatever. I believe in prior Piwik versions (I'm coming from 3.0.4) "First Visit" only ever showed the text Visit <a href='/100'>#100</a> for these use cases, but now "First Visit" is less accurate.

@sgiehl commented on December 20th 2017 Member

@blynch11p If you want to have full summarized visitor profiles for more than 100 visits you can increase the config value for live_visitor_profile_max_visits_to_aggregate. It defaults to the limit of 100.
Besides that we could only add a small text like The information in this profile summarizes the last 100 visits. This user had 157 visits in total. to the profile if the user had more visits than the limit defined.

@blynch11p commented on December 20th 2017

@sgiehl, I didn't see this until I posted here (https://github.com/piwik/piwik/issues/12373#issuecomment-353052949).
I'm ok with a 100 visit limit, but thank you for pointing out that config value. It's the First Visit date that changed from previous Piwik versions (and/or counting back to the date of the 100th visit)

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