@mpocceschi opened this Issue on August 31st 2017

Hi everyone,
I have created a segment on Piwik to analyze a subset of pages in a site.
Here's the condition I set:
"URL page" + "Contains" + << URL (Partial)>>
Now, when the segment is active, Piwik does not return the number of downloads made (the rest of the values seem correct).
If I run the analysis for "All visit (default)", the values of the downloads reappear.
I also tried to force the click logging using the css _'piwik_download'_ class, but without result.
This problem occurs both for dashboards and for reports.
I hope to have been useful and to have explained to you correctly.
Thank you

@GitFr33 commented on September 4th 2017

This sounds like it might be related to #11900 comment-327014778

Do your downloads show up in the visitor log and real-time visitor log when a segment is used?

Do you have other events tracked that are, or are not, showing up when a segment is used?

Are you using a Cron job?

@mpocceschi commented on September 5th 2017

Hi GitFr33,
I've done more tests and I can tell you that downloads are shown both when I view the visitor logs and when I see the real-time visitor log (with the segment active or not).
It's just the download widget that is left blank.
I turned your Cron Job question to the colleague who installed Piwik and this was his answer:
"Yes, we use them and in particular:
* / 30 root / opt / piwik / php / bin / php / opt / piwik / apps / piwik / htdocs / console core: archive --url = http: / ... "
I hope this answer will be helpful to you.
Thank you

@mattab commented on September 22nd 2017 Member

Marking as duplicate of https://github.com/piwik/piwik/issues/11900#issuecomment-330796179

@mpocceschi @GitFr33 feel free to comment in that other issue

@mattab commented on October 27th 2019 Member

This should be fixed in Matomo 3.12.0 which will be released tomorrow - if you still experience this issue then, let us know.

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