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Ideas of new features that would be very valuable to build into Piwik 4.0.0 or during 4.x development cycle. We've discussed these internally and this is just a list of exciting and most useful improvements.

Awesome improvements

  • Customise the All Websites dashboard: custom list of columns https://github.com/piwik/piwik/issues/7543
  • Compare report data for two different periods #5711
  • List entities for all websites at once (such as Goals, Forms, Heatmaps, etc)
  • Re-design the Users Manager
@tsteur commented on September 2nd 2017 Member
  • Improve Mobile App reporting
@fengkaijia commented on September 4th 2017 Contributor
  • Fix your map generator and generate a reasonable up-to-date world map
@hpvd commented on September 14th 2017

Of course I like new features like "Compare report data for two different periods" very much :-)

Maybe one should spend same amount of work also on 3 other fields:

  1. making existing functionality even easier to use/to understand for "average users" (not every one is a high power user):
    have a look at the open issues with label "major" and "c: usability"
    there are some really interesting ones ;-)

    • SegmentEditor: display readable values for some metrics (e.g. FF -> Firefox) #5309
    • make a difference in graphs for data of "unfinished periods" and "complete periods" #10291
  2. fixing bugs and messed up things in the field of data quality / data presentation

  3. adding value adding features the "average user" notice/use the most often (in daily life)...
    (examples will follow)
@peterbo commented on September 21st 2017 Contributor
  • Compare report data not only for n different periods but also for n different segments
@mattab commented on October 21st 2019 Member

Thanks for your suggestions. We've worked on the Data & Segment comparison which will be available in Matomo 3.12.0 very soon. #14365

Also Matomo 4.0.0 is more or less planned, see the milestone: https://github.com/matomo-org/matomo/milestone/102

we also have milestones for 4.1 and 4.2 already... Check it out & stay tuned!

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