@mattab opened this Issue on August 27th 2017 Member

Currently the field referrerUrl sometimes does not return the referrer URL value. When the referrer was a search engine and we detected there was no keyword, the value becomes eg. <referrerUrl>http://piwik.org/faq/general/#faq_144</referrerUrl>.
In the UI we would leave unchanged but in the API instead:

  • make referrerliUrl always the log_visit.referer_url field.
  • when we detected a "Keyword not defined" type keyword, maybe we could add a new field referrerUrlHelpNoKeyword or so?

This is important because the Live​​.getLastVisitDetails API returns the raw user and action data. It's so useful as it provides many interesting metadata about visitors and what they do. Via this API, we aim to return the raw data unchanged as much as possible.

A customer's use case is using the Baidu referrer URL to detect the eqid parameter which can be used via API to get back the full keyword for this user.

(If possible we squeeze this in 3.1.0 otherwise in the next release)

This Issue was closed on September 4th 2017
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