@frederikbosch opened this Pull Request on August 16th 2017 Contributor

This PR fixes different port than 25 using for SMTP.

I strongly recommend removing this line.

<a class='mention' href='https://github.com/ini_set'>@ini_set</a>("smtp_port", $mailConfig['port']);

That is just an insane line of code. Why would you want to modify the ini setting of the smtp port if it is not used anyway? Why would you want suppress errors for that? Avoid using ini_set at any cost I would say.

@mattab commented on August 16th 2017 Member

Thanks for the PR @frederikbosch

I strongly recommend removing this line.

This sounds good, would you mind removing it in your PR?

@frederikbosch commented on August 17th 2017 Contributor


This Pull Request was closed on September 4th 2017
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