@NanorPiwik opened this Issue on August 3rd 2017

Dear Piwik Community member,

Find below a new feature suggest:
Title: Piwik registered filters
Description: this plugin allows to register a filter for a given report in order to access it later on without having to filter it again. In Google Analytics they formerly call it shortcuts now it is saved reports.
It is really a nice feature, very helpful and easy to take in hand.
I added a video to this ticket in order for you to see directly what this feature could do.

Thank you for your time,
You can download the video below:

P.S: I noticed that the letter "s" is a keyboard shortcut to access directly to segments, however it does not allow to select a specific segment, if we had like an association of "s"+"2" in order to auto-select the second segment, well basically that would be kind of a solution too.

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