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This Pull Request is not yet complete.

There might be still some places where old data might be shown as "Unknown" now.

And as old visits won't be changed, segments for showing visits from Tibet might have incorrect results, need to check if there is an easy way to handle that.

fixes #6006

@sgiehl commented on August 3rd 2017 Member

@Findus23 We need to remove the flag for Tibet as soon as this gets merged in order to get the tests fixed

@gameblabla commented on August 4th 2017

I hope this doesn't get merged.

@phodal commented on August 4th 2017

@gameblabla Hi, had your used a map? such as Google map, Bing map or Apple map, the last commit about "free tibet" was a joke!

@gameblabla commented on August 4th 2017

@phodal, i know them but i do not get your point.
Perhaps it could be done in a different way, keep tibet as a country but mark it as a "disputed territory".

@fxzjshm commented on August 4th 2017

@gameblabla Tibet belongs to China, and there is no dispute

@gameblabla commented on August 4th 2017

@fxzjshm There's no need to be hostile, i'm trying to find a good compromise. There are people who agree with you and there are people who don't agree. I believe piwik should not be one-sided.

@sgiehl, forgive me but is my idea okay with you ? This might help with the "Unknown" stuff without breaking things. (i admit i know very little php)

@phodal commented on August 4th 2017

@gameblabla, did any country recognized Tibet was a country ? America? England ? France? If so, could you list the country name ?

May be for now, India thought Tibet was a country? Because a lot of Indian army was within Chinese borders. Are you come from India, just prepare discuss the disputed territory side of China?

I remember in 1906, according to Convention Between Great Britain and China Respecting Tibet . The Government of China also undertakes not to permit any other foreign State to interfere with the territory or internal administration of Tibet.

So please don't permit interfere with the territory or internal administration of Tibet.

@gameblabla commented on August 4th 2017

I'm not sure if this is the place to discuss about this but i will anyway.
@phobal There's India which has troops in Ladakh, which is close to the tibetan border. Britain also recognized it as an autonomous region (as the "administration of Tibet" in the Convention of 1906) until 2008. Before Nixon, the US also recognized Tibet. To this day, it is still disputed by the Dalai-Lama.
So I think it is enough proof that the territory, while indeed under China's control, is still in dispute.
Hence my idea

@fengkaijia commented on August 4th 2017 Contributor

@gameblabla There's no point to discuss historical claims on this. The Taiwan Authority of China claims Outer-Mongolia until 2002, then should we prepare an addition map that has Mongolia inside China? If we don't build map base on the current situation, then I'm sure we need to build hundreds of maps. Like how about a map for the empire that sun never sets? Or a map for the Mongol Empire? No, that's not cool.

@gameblabla commented on August 4th 2017

@fengkaijia, the difference is that no one claims the territory for the "Mongol Empire" or "the empire that sun never sets" whereas it's different with Tibet, even now. That's not counting Australia welcoming tibetan refugees.

Ultimately, it's up to piwik's devs to decide if they should go ahead with the merge or not.

@fengkaijia commented on August 4th 2017 Contributor

@gameblabla No no you are mixing up with the refugee concept. The Russian welcomed Edward Snowden, it doesn't mean Russia claimed the US territory. Tibet is a part of China, that's what Australia claims:

The Australian side confirmed the position of successive Australian Governments since 1972 that Australia respects China's sovereignty and territorial integrity, including in relation to Tibet and Xinjiang.

@gameblabla commented on August 4th 2017

@fengkaijia, yes you're right, i wasn't denying that. But still, i was pointing out that some people (including tibetans in australia) still do not agree with China on this.

I'll let the devs decide on this.

@sgiehl commented on August 4th 2017 Member

There is only one reason why we will change this. We want to show a map that matches other maps of analytics tools like Google Analytics and others. So there won't be any reason in the future to discuss stuff like that. Sure, there might still be some stuff incorrect, but this one can be changed by reverting an old commit, while other changes aren't easily possible without #11929

@gameblabla commented on August 4th 2017

I understand the technical reasons.
Still, it is not desirable and having this PR being merged would be disappointing.
The whole point of Piwik was to not become like Google Analytics, if it did,
then what is the point ?

If this PR gets merged, then most likely you'll get more issues about Taiwan and (eventually) Hong Kong.
Do you want to get even more pressure ? Sometimes, it is best not to cooperate to avoid further harassment.

I do wonder what @mattab think of this? He was the one who made the original commit after all.

@sgiehl commented on August 4th 2017 Member

@gameblabla I didn't mean Piwik wants to become like Google Analytics.
And I don't want to continue any discussion about that. We aim to use official maps and this is a first step. So if official maps will change we aim to change our maps as well.
And if https://github.com/piwik/piwik-map-generator/pull/1 will help to fix our map generator and we generate some new maps, Tibet would be part of China again as well.

@gameblabla commented on August 5th 2017

Fine then, i will not insist further. I am considering a fork.
Have a nice day

@sgiehl commented on August 5th 2017 Member

Remaining failing tests should be fixed as soon as flag was removed from piwik/icons

@fengkaijia commented on August 6th 2017 Contributor

@sgiehl I just sent a PR piwik/piwik-icons#14 to remove the flag.

@fengkaijia commented on August 6th 2017 Contributor

Plus, I wonder if the UserCounty is applied for old visit, plugins/UserCountry/Visitor.php shall also be changed.

And the Archive reader, oh that sounds like a very complicated job.

@Findus23 commented on August 6th 2017 Member

@fengkaijia's pull request is merged and reflected in https://github.com/piwik/piwik/pull/11904

@WG-Com commented on August 6th 2017

@gameblabla DO NOT Psycholagny OK?If you want Tibet to be independent,JUST FIGHT WITH PLA, I love to see you get shit out by them , you'r country, india ? usa? france? england? all defeated by PLA

@Findus23 commented on August 6th 2017 Member


I'd seriously recommend you to stop being rude to other people no matter if you agree with their opinion or you don't.

@WG-Com commented on August 6th 2017

@Findus23 i agree with you , but you must stop that people attack other country , he is THE origin OF rude


@Findus23 commented on August 6th 2017 Member

I don't think @gameblabla did issue military threats over some disagreement over a small feature of a software on the internet.

In a normal discussion every position should be heard as long as it isn't rude, overly emotional or in caps lock.

@WG-Com commented on August 6th 2017

@Findus23 you know freedom has bottom line right ? Austria is Nazi today , and you are Nazi , Austria is a part of Nazi Germany ? how about your feel ?

@phodal commented on August 6th 2017

@WG-Com just like you said, stop attack other country, please.

@Findus23 commented on August 6th 2017 Member

@WG-Com How does calling for an objective discussion make me a nazi? And what does my comment have to do with Austria or Germany?

You are calling for respect, but for me this means accepting that other people in other countries have different opinions and together finding a compromise everyone can live with.

If you disagree with having open discussions where everyone can state their opinion, I beg you to stay away from piwik and even other open source projects as personal attacks will only delay the solution of this issue.

@mattab commented on August 6th 2017 Member

I do wonder what @mattab think of this? He was the one who made the original commit after all.

Putting Tibet map was a small act of raising awareness about the military invasion of Tibet by China in 1950, and the subsequent destruction of Tibetan culture and freedom of thought by China. China occupation has resulted in the deaths of hundreds of thousands of Tibetans and the imprisonment and torture of thousands more. Plus the destruction of shrines, monasteries...

For most Chinese people, this is actually a good thing as according to them Tibet needed modernization, alphabetisation, etc. and that part was true. But it is really bad how China invaded Tibet and didn't leave these people to sort out their modernization needs on their own, rather than force it upon them. China could have helped Tibet to become a great nation with funding and kindness and respect rather than invade and kill them. And we know that Tibet is a huge natural resource for China (fresh water, mineral). As always, it's not so much about the "great china nation" as it really is about the natural resources.

For reference, similar invasions happened recently in western countries such as the USA when they destroyed the native American culture, or in Australia when they destroyed the aboriginal culture. It could and should have been done differently in an ideal world. But we don't live in this ideal world yet and China did indeed successfully invade Tibet with their army, and killed 1+ million people there.

I think that Chinese people are blinded by the extremely potent propaganda by their leaders, school system, etc. It's interesting how easy it is to influence human beings in believing what you want them to believe, if you control the school system and media. Obviously in our western society we are also blinded by propaganda about consumerism, capitalism, nationalism, and all the rest. It's not just Chinese who are blinded by propaganda.

I like the idea of having put the huge nation of Tibet on the map of Piwik Analytics for the last 4 years. But now that some other team members are pushing for restoring the "standard world map", it is hard for me alone to resist this push by my other colleagues.

@WG-Com commented on August 7th 2017

@Findus23 i am not saying you are a Nazi , i am asking you what feeling when i say that, now some people is saying that to us , it is attack , just watch @mattab comments , all knowledge not truth

@WG-Com commented on August 7th 2017

@phodal “I like the idea of having put the huge nation of Tibet on the map of Piwik Analytics for the last 4 years. But now that some other team members are pushing for restoring the "standard world map", it is hard for me alone to resist this push by my other colleagues.” @mattab


@gameblabla commented on August 7th 2017

Thank you @mattab for chiming in. I've honestly lost all hope too.
Trying to convince them by portraying China as "Human Rights infringers" is like yelling at a cloud.
The middle-class in China do not even care for the poor condition of their own workers at Foxconn so...

@sgiehl seemingly wants to forget all of this happened and wants to merge this as quick as possible,
despite the pointless trolling he got.
Some chinese ppl went even as far as to report him on github and suggesting a DDOS of github.
That's not even mentioning how some users here are abusing the dislike button to try to silence critics.

I was foolish to think that i could change things, the code itself spoke.
I think from now on i will just block Piwik until this changes.

@jijiechen commented on August 7th 2017

@mattab Thank you for sharing your thoughts. Although your opinion is hard to be agreed according to the reality of current status of Tibet.
You mentioned the modernization of Tibet, but I'd like to remind you that, Tibet was never a country before 1950, and it won't be one in the future either. The governance in Tibet from Chinese central government was started hundreds of years ago.
So the idea of "building Tibet as a modern country" is just a wish of yourself, and maybe others who share the same unrealistic dream.

@WG-Com commented on August 7th 2017

@gameblabla "The middle-class in China do not even care for the poor condition of their own workers at Foxconn so.."

you don't understand why Chinese government and people "do not care" this ,i support this ,because if they Make strict laws,those workers will have no job, I'm serious,Your idea is good, but it is not easy to put it into practice, i promise this is not you think , i know many Foxconn workers , more jobs and salary make more better ,that is why Chinese govement is so powerful, we are not rich, but better and better every year, all people feel that

@WG-Com commented on August 7th 2017

@gameblabla you should update your knowledge about us , if China is so bad , why so many Chinese here ?

@WG-Com commented on August 7th 2017

@mattab a book has many chapters , why you just read the last ? tibet become a part of China in AD 1300-1400, by Mongolian, in 1900-1950 they never become a independent by Referendum,PLA just enter our own territory, when you say china into tibet 1950s , but you do not know what happend in 1949-1956

@WG-Com commented on August 7th 2017

@mattab your lack the basic knowledge of tibet , read more

@happydoubi commented on August 7th 2017

It's ridiculous that someone, who was and is brainwashed by their prejudiced and hostile propagation, jumps out and says Tibet was invaded. Do you think you can invent new history? 1+ million Tibetan were killed? Haha, can you provide the source of your figure? Do you know the population of Tibetan now? 3.2+ million, let me tell you. You mean in the 1950s, more than 1/3 Tibetan were killed? I know you arrogant westerners think China is a devil. But that's not the truth. Tibetan now live in a happier life and have freedom of religion. Before 1950s, they were still in a slave society, even no personal freedom. You poor and arrogant westerners are those who need to open you eyes. Come to China to see, not stay in your bed to imagine.

@happydoubi commented on August 7th 2017

@WG-Com 不用理这些NC了。估计那俩瞎BB的就是阿3吧,也就打打嘴炮,PLA陈兵边境,很快就有阿3的好看了。

@PaniniGelato commented on August 8th 2017

There are many fact like 'Invadation Tibet' in China History

Ancient Qin empire conquered six countries including Han, Zhao, Wei, Chu, Yan and Qi. Well, I used to be a citizen of Zhao, by the way. https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Qin's_wars_of_unification

Ancient Han empire invaded Huns. https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Han–Xiongnu_War

Ancient Tang empire destroyed Xueyantuo, Tujue, Huihu, etc. https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Emperor_Taizong‘s_campaign_against_the_Western_Regions

Qing empire merged Xinjiang, Monglia and Tibet into China.

Hundreds of millions of descendants of Zhao and other ancient countries/kingdoms are living hard in China now. Please do try to free us all if you can. Please save us ASAP.

If u can‘t save us, just shut up and keep this repo pure tech.
@mattab @gameblabla

@recq-cse commented on August 9th 2017

gameblabla mattab MDZZ, wish you a mmp! 文明用语 拒绝封号 (^▽^)

@wdhwg001 commented on August 11th 2017

Piwik Issues page is not the right place to talk about political issues. Threatening, spamming and being rude are not the right way to discuss.

But I do believe that following the most countries and the UN decision about country existence and country borders is the right way to do.

I know, we hackers are making free software for mankind.

However, it would be a huge work for Piwik to make maps for all political claims, so making the most people happy is the fair and acceptable option. Liberty is not hurting more people to make less people feel free, right?

Then I believe the story about mistaken position Piwik happened to stand on for years needs to come to an end. And I sencerely wish that this hurting story won't happen in any open-source software project, no matter which country those people come from.

Thanks for the fix, for real.

@f2ex commented on August 12th 2017

@gameblabla China's things do not need you to intervene , you can pay more attention to your own country's problems .

@fengkaijia commented on August 18th 2017 Contributor

Can someone merge this? It's been like two weeks and no problem has been reported.

@fengkaijia commented on September 9th 2017 Contributor

@sgiehl Looks like you need to regenerate the expected screenshots. The merge of #11579 changes the UI. And any updates when will this got merged? Looks like it's gonna miss the 3.1 window.

@fengkaijia commented on September 10th 2017 Contributor

Sent a PR #12016 removing some leftovers. Guess it still cannot pass the I&T, the error with translation Piwik\Plugins\LanguagesManager\TranslationWriter\Filter\EncodedEntities changed looks like something outside updates in this branch.

@sgiehl commented on September 12th 2017 Member

Last changes weren't compatible with Datatable Maps. Just pushed an update. Let's see if all tests pass now and then we can finally merge

@tsteur commented on September 12th 2017 Member


@Glisse1 commented on September 21st 2017

Chinese pressure is so big that no one can resist it seems.

Say they conquer korea and japan today like they did the massacre in Tibet, next year piwik will update the new map with the new "chinese territories" :)

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