@shortoland opened this Issue on July 18th 2017

It seems there is a bug in the last visits graph for my website www.directmountain.com since a few days.


Number of visitors is 0, whereas I can see 90 in the last 24 hours in the previous picture.

I dod not change anything in the setup, and I don't understand the reasons of this change.

Would you have any idea ? Can you please help ?


@Shazen commented on July 20th 2017

I've got exactly the same issue.
I just upgraded to 3.0.4 and I've got 1 error shown in Piwik system diag : always_populate_raw_post_data=-1

Is this can be the source of the issue ?

@Shazen commented on July 20th 2017

I asked my hoster to change the php.ini value always_populate_raw_post_data=-1.
The issue is still here.

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