@gemal opened this Issue on July 11th 2017

I just installed piwik and it seems that there are not any .gitignore file so a lot of files shows up as modified

I think you should add a few files to gitignore like

perhaps also the plugins folder?

@Findus23 commented on July 11th 2017 Member

Hi, how did you install piwik?
Have you installed it from this repository? Then there should be one. But I wouldn't recommend you to use it as you would need to also get the submodules and other components.

If you have installed the zip from piwik.org/download/ you shouldn't need a .gitignore file. But if you have an exceptional setup (all webapps in an git repository) you can use this .gitignore file.

@sgiehl commented on August 6th 2017 Member

As @Findus23 mentioned. There are .gitignore files. But those are removed for git archives.

This Issue was closed on August 6th 2017
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