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It is noticed that Piwik has started changing the token auth assigned to each users since we enabled single sign on. Interesting fact is that there are 3 unique token_auths(say a,b,c) assigned to one person, and this is getting assigned to the users at times. Since, we are using single sign on there is no possibility that a password change can affect this.

Can anyone help me on this.


@sgiehl commented on July 21st 2017 Member

@Sobhika2 Which plugin are you using for SSO ?

@Sobhika2 commented on July 21st 2017

Hi Stefen,

I am using LDAP plugin for SSO.


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@Sobhika2https://github.com/sobhika2 Which plugin are you using for SSO ?

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@Sobhika2 commented on August 10th 2017


Any update on this?

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