@MackieeE opened this Issue on July 5th 2017

Good afternoon!

I have searched a little into this - couldn't find any similar issue page for the same terminology I attempted to find with. I'm sure it has been reported before somewhere, please reference the duplicated page if there is.

When I open the "Pages" Subcategory under "Actions" and Open a Breakdown of the Sub-pages of visitor behaviour, I am presented with an littered text display of:


Things I've checked:

  • No Missing/404 Resources or CSS File referenced in Developer Tools
  • Attempted to open this in various Browsers; all displayed the same formatting.

My Setup:

  • Google Chrome v60.0 (Beta Branch)
  • Windows 7
  • Proudly! Piwik Version 3.0.4
@mattab commented on July 5th 2017 Member

Hi @MackieeE
Thanks for the report. It definitely looks like a bug we need to address.

1) Can you reproduce this issue on the https://demo.piwik.org ?
2) could you send us via http://piwik.org/contact/ your PIwik URL and temporary Username/pasword so we can see this issue?

@MackieeE commented on July 6th 2017
  1. It's not re-producible on the Demo-site. I can see that it does continue breakdown to the next level via another collapsible tooltip.

  2. Sent Email! :)
@mattab commented on July 10th 2017 Member

@sgiehl Would be great if you could take a look at this one

@sgiehl commented on July 10th 2017 Member

Issue was caused by mod_pagespeed .

@mattab We should maybe add a FAQ item that Piwik might not work correctly if mod_pagespeed is activated or even add a system check for that. thoughts?

@mattab commented on July 10th 2017 Member

we already have this system check https://github.com/piwik/piwik/blob/3.x-dev/plugins/Diagnostics/Diagnostic/PageSpeedCheck.php#L25-24

Is this diagnostic correctly triggering a warning?

@MackieeE commented on July 11th 2017

The system check does warn of the PageSpeed module being enabled, which I admittedly didn't check. So user error :)


I would suggest on expanding on the various(?) front-end issues that mod_pagespeed has on the Admin pages of Piwik. Anything to add for future google searches! But understandably it doesn't sound like this has happended very often so I open this ticket will be suffice.

Thanks to you both for your awesome support & product :)


@mattab commented on July 11th 2017 Member

Good idea, we'll improve the label and make it more clear what problems it causes.

Btw, did you notice any other problems besides that one reported here?

@mattab commented on July 12th 2017 Member

from email:

However, with the help of the query string tests that ModPageSpeed offer:


By appending &PageSpeed=off to the URL, it worked perfectly with Page-speed disabled:

So maybe one solution could also be to automatically append this parameter to index.php requests, when we detect mod_pagespeed is enabled?

@MackieeE commented on July 17th 2017

Morning! That would be a good last resort solution. I think your docs do rightly suggest turning it off at the .htaccess level. Which strangely I was unable to set on the shared host.

I have noticed one more action, however I'm not sure it's PageSpeed related, as even turning it off via the Query string has no effect (Maybe because it's a seperate web request). See below for example:

When clicking the "Open Row Evolution" under Browsers, for Chrome specifically:


The resulting modal spills out:


@sgiehl commented on July 17th 2017 Member

Yes, that seems to be mod page_speed as well. We should keep on suggesting to turn it off.

@mattab Should anything be done here?

@mattab commented on July 17th 2017 Member

@sgiehl Yes let's just add a message that makes the failed system check more prominent. For example "[...] cause several issues in Piwik such as: broken Pages reports, broken Row Evolution, and other issues hard to troubleshoot. Please disable mod_pagespeed on this server."

This Issue was closed on July 24th 2017
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