@gemal opened this Issue on June 28th 2017

please use linux newlines in your code
or add a file called .gitattributes with the following content:

  • text=auto
@mattab commented on June 29th 2017 Member

I think i'm seeing this same issue after uploading piwik to a server:

Errors below may be due to a partial or failed upload of Piwik files.
--> Try to reupload all the Piwik files in BINARY mode. <--

File size mismatch: /var/app/current/vendor/piwik/decompress/libs/PclZip/gnu-lgpl.txt (expected length: 26934, found: 26430)
File size mismatch: /var/app/current/vendor/piwik/decompress/libs/PclZip/readme.txt (expected length: 22011, found: 21590)
@sgiehl commented on July 16th 2017 Member

that was fixed in #11869 and related PRs

This Issue was closed on July 16th 2017
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