@andristeiner opened this Issue on June 28th 2017

Version: Piwik 3.0.4

In E-Mail Reports, Page URLs are linked to their appropriate destination. If there is a generic record for "Others" present, it will take the link destination of the following record, and the link of all records after is shifted by one.

screenshot from 2017-06-28 13-14-39

  • first 2 records are linked correctly
  • 3rd record "blog/List/Post/ - Others" is linked to "blog/List/Post.aspx?ID=102" which is the 4th record
  • 4th record is linked to the 5h record destination and so on
@mibto commented on August 7th 2017

Any updates on this bug? I have the same problem. Thanks for having a look at this!

@mritzmann commented on December 8th 2017

Same Problem here.

The problem only occurs if a subdirectory (in the screenshot of andristeiner: "blog/Lists/Posts") is merged to "others". If summarize directly below /, the problem does not occur.

@kkrebs commented on January 15th 2018

Same problem here. This is an annoying bug!

Thanks for having a look at this!

@StiftungAusNachlass commented on January 15th 2018

we have exactly the same problem here with the PDF-Reports... It affects also other languages: "andere" (german) instead of "others"

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