@elpendor opened this Issue on June 7th 2017

I have a site with recorded logs back from 2016.

The following API request only returns results from 2017, when it should include those from 2016 as well:

These will return the correct values from the respective year:


(I get results from 2016)


(I get results from 2017)

I've reproduced it on 2 different piwik instances. Am I missing something here? "Range" seems to be working fine on other API methods.

The visitor log from the dashboard, on the other hand, seems to be returning the correct results. I don't know exactly if these use the same endpoint to obtain data.

If it's any help, I've already run the archiving process to process all those logs.

Any ideas?

@RMastop commented on June 7th 2017 Contributor

Hi @elpendor,

By default Piwik only returns a partial dataset (100). By using the filter_limit and filter_offset you can get remaining items.

for instance
will get you the 100 most recent records in the selected range,
Where https://mypiwikinstance/?module=API&method=Live.getLastVisitsDetails&idSite=xx&token_auth=xxxxxxxxxxxxxxx&period=range&date=2016-01-01,2017-12-12&filter_limit=100&filter_offset=100 will get you the next batch of 100 records.
By adjusting the integers, you can get larger or smaller datasets.


@elpendor commented on June 7th 2017

Huh, my bad. I completely missed that part of the documentation.

Thanks, that was it. Working perfect now. I'll close the issue.

This Issue was closed on August 6th 2018
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