@tsteur opened this Issue on May 17th 2017 Member

I uploaded a plugin before in Piwik 3.0.4 and noticed a .htacces file was not in the plugin directory after installing it even though it was included in the zip.

We need to try and reproduce this again and if needed fix it.

@sgiehl commented on May 18th 2017 Member

According to various reports on the internet ZipArchive::extractTo is not able to extract hidden files on linux.
Wouldn't it be a possibility to create the file up on install of the plugin within the PHP code?

@tsteur commented on May 19th 2017 Member

creating it now on install and activate. Will also be needed to be done on plugin update which I still need to add. If it is not possible to fix we need to document it somewhere I reckon

@mattab commented on July 24th 2017 Member

maybe we should move to a pure php solution which would let us extract all files? eg https://stackoverflow.com/a/43016122

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