@anonymous-piwik-user opened this Issue on February 23rd 2010

When I requested:


I got this data back:

    <result date="2010-01-18 to 2010-01-24">739</result>
    <result date="2010-01-25 to 2010-01-31">4</result>
    <result date="2010-02-01 to 2010-02-07">5</result>

I was not expecting the "2010-01-18 to 2010-01-24" data.

Changing the period to "day" instead of "week" does not return extra records:

    <result date="2010-01-25">3</result>
    <result date="2010-01-26">4</result>
    <result date="2010-01-27">3</result>
    <result date="2010-01-28">1</result>
    <result date="2010-01-29" />
    <result date="2010-01-30" />
    <result date="2010-01-31" />
    <result date="2010-02-01">4</result>
    <result date="2010-02-02">3</result>
    <result date="2010-02-03">5</result>
    <result date="2010-02-04" />
    <result date="2010-02-05">1</result>
    <result date="2010-02-06" />
    <result date="2010-02-07" />
@mattab commented on March 2nd 2010 Member

You are requesting for weekly stats for: 2010-01-25, 2010-02-07
Is it expected that you get the current unfinished week. You will also get the partial first week. If you don't need the data, ignore weeks that are less than 7 days.

This Issue was closed on March 19th 2010
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