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We would like to redesign the Piwik.org website to make it look better, more attractive, less geeky, and generally more exciting and pretty to look at.

Here are some very interesting mockups created by Marc's designer.

See my feedback in the comments; we can use these mockups as a starting point and discuss what a final website design could look like.

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Attachment: Piwik Blog
piwik-blog .jpg

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Attachment: Piwik.org blue design

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Attachment: Piwik.org orange design

@mattab commented on February 22nd 2010 Owner

Attachment: Piwik.org blue version - V2

@mattab commented on February 17th 2010 Owner

Here is my feedback: the blue header is best, very readable and the horizontal menu below the title seems better than below the logo. I think there are a bit too many links, I would only put the following as a start: Home, Online Demo, Contribute!, Download, Resources, Blog, Consulting.

The link to download would still say .zip and the size in MB to let users know what to expect. I think the red box is also a good thing as we're trying hard that users download the product and try it out.

The main modification would be to keep the existing Piwik logo - We haven't yet taken a decision about it and would like to keep this one for now (with the colors and without graphics).

Maybe it would be good to have a dropdown main menu. For example, Download would drop down to

  • Download .zip 2MB
  • Changelog
  • SVN

Resources would drop down to

  • Documentation
  • FAQ
  • Forums
  • Blog

The right menu below the horizontal would have the main other links: Press Review, Download Counter, Builds archive, etc.

For technical matters, I think the ideal would be to have a Wordpress self conained theme (as is currently the case with the theme we are using) with the style modifications.


@anonymous-piwik-user commented on February 17th 2010

My thoughts...

  • I agree with your points.
  • The blue header is also my favourite.
  • I could not find a Contact Us.
  • Change the word Contribute to something like Collaborate/Participate? (Contribute has a connotation to Donation for me).
  • The Download dropdown menu could also include previous (maybe even beta and RC versions).
  • Somewhere (perhaps under the "Contribute/Participate" page we could have a "jobs at Piwik" section.
  • If we are looking for more input on the logo... perhaps we could run a contest?
  • Note sure what you mean by a Self Contained WP theme - please explain.
  • What theme is this one (the blue header one) ?
  • I think that bbPress is certainly a strong candidate for the forum side of things.
@mattab commented on February 19th 2010 Owner

Self contained theme is only stating the obvious: that the CSS and HTML must be inside a WP theme.

For the logo, we can run a contest but I think the current logo is OK and can do for now.

This is not an existing theme but a custom made mockup for Piwik.org (just a mockup, the css/html is not written yet).

@mattab commented on February 22nd 2010 Owner

attaching latest version of the mockup taking in consideration our feedback

@anonymous-piwik-user commented on February 23rd 2010

A couple of thoughts:

  • Perhaps consolidate some of the horizontal menu items with the "Other Pages" items.
  • I would change the Twitter / Facebook links to largish icons.
  • Need to include "Subscribe to RSS" (could also be graphical)
  • Also need a "Contact Us".
  • What about a footer?


@mattab commented on January 12th 2011 Owner

These website mockups will not be followed up but we will be working with a new designer

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