@unhammer opened this Issue on March 29th 2017

Say I have an event action "foo", that shows up as having 10 hits one day, but if I open the segmented visitor log I count 6 unique users. It'd be nice if there were a simple way to get that number "6" out without opening the visitor log and counting manually.

(originally asked at https://forum.piwik.org/t/how-can-i-show-number-of-unique-visitors-sending-an-event-action/23040 )

@mattab commented on November 22nd 2017 Member

Fyi: this can be achieved with the new Custom Reports (a premium feature): https://piwik.org/docs/custom-reports/ from the marketplace: https://plugins.piwik.org/CustomReports

An alternative workaround you can do to get unique events metric in Matomo is:

  • Create a segment, matching visits that triggered a specific event: https://matomo.org/docs/segmentation/
  • Apply the segment.
  • Open the Visitors > Overview report.
  • Get the "Unique Visitors" metric. This is equivalent to the "Unique Events".

Downside is that you need to create a segment for each event you want the "unique events" metrics for.

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