@LLPP65 opened this Issue on March 28th 2017

My email reports have an IP address for the host portion of the "Sent from" section at the top of the weekly email report. This causes all the logo and flag images in the report to be blank because the site that serves them is one of many virtual servers on the same IP address.

Sent from http://a.b.c.d/.

I am running the latest version of Piwik, 3.0.2.

@LLPP65 commented on March 28th 2017

Additional data point... The report contains an IP address instead of a host name when the report is sent as a scheduled job. If I manually trigger a report to be sent from the administration interface, then the report is correct and contains a proper host name as part of the "Sent from" URL.

@LLPP65 commented on March 28th 2017

Another data point. The "Sent from" uses the correct hostname un the URL for one server's reports and an IP address in the URL for another. Very confusing.

@LLPP65 commented on May 2nd 2017

This behaviour is still the same in 3.0.4

@dbapl commented on May 7th 2017

Same thing in update notifications:


Some plugins you use have been updated on the Marketplace:

 * AOM 0.6.3

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Happy analysing!
@mattab commented on September 19th 2017 Member

Maybe we should check that the Piwik URL is found in the trusted_hosts and if not, default to use the trusted_hosts instead?

we'll also need to make sure it works when Piwik is installed in a sub-directory.

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