@mattab opened this Issue on February 11th 2010 Member

Use case

  • set time_before_today_archive_considered_outdated to a small value, eg. 10seconds (default value)
  • disable browser archiving eg, enable_browser_archiving_triggering = 0
  • launch the crontab which processes the report
  • API requests with date=today will return data in the next 10 seconds
  • If you request API data after 10 seconds, the archive will be considered out of date and no data will be returned. Because the browser based archiving is disabled, no new archive will be processed.

This is very confusing. Instead, the outdated archive should still be returned when enable_browser_archiving_triggering = 0

@mattab commented on March 15th 2010 Member

(In [1918]) Fixes #1150 out of date reports now returned for Today when browser archiving is disabled (to ensure that some data is returned, rather than no data at all)

This Issue was closed on March 15th 2010
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