@ThaDafinser opened this Pull Request on March 8th 2017 Contributor
@ThaDafinser commented on March 8th 2017 Contributor

Still outgoing currently is the Marketplace plugin

@mattab commented on March 22nd 2017 Member

Thanks for the PR @ThaDafinser - we will review this soon

@sgiehl commented on April 9th 2017 Member

Just had a rough look: SEO Widget might still do outgoing requests. Not sure if we maybe should disable this widget if outgoing connections are disabled.

@mattab commented on May 16th 2017 Member

Hi @ThaDafinser

Stefan reviewed the pr and left a few comments. Do you think you could look at them over next few days?

Thanks and have a great week

@ThaDafinser commented on May 17th 2017 Contributor

@mattab @sgiehl i changed the requested parts

@sgiehl commented on May 18th 2017 Member

@ThaDafinser thanks for the update. Will check that in the coming days.

@sgiehl commented on May 25th 2017 Member

When disabling internet connection and trying to install a plugin via marketplace the error message currently says You cannot install or update the plugin directly as automatic updates are disabled in the config. To enable automatic updates set '[General]enable_auto_update=1' in 'config/config.ini.php'.
That might be a bit misleading. Not sure if we maybe should show another message in that case.

@sgiehl commented on May 25th 2017 Member

We maybe should hide the ┬┤check for updates┬┤ area in admin, as those check should not work.

@sgiehl commented on May 25th 2017 Member

SEO Rankings and Piwik Blog Widgets won't work without internet as well. Should we remove those widgets from the list?

@sgiehl commented on May 25th 2017 Member

That's all I just can think off. Other changes now look good.

@sgiehl commented on May 30th 2017 Member

Note: this might also fix #11065

@sgiehl commented on June 17th 2017 Member

@ThaDafinser Could you adjust the other mentioned things? Or shall we merge this one, and make a new issue/PR for the remaining stuff?

@ThaDafinser commented on June 18th 2017 Contributor

:+1: for merging and making the rest in a new one

This Pull Request was closed on June 19th 2017
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