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I'm using API methods that require auth (to override IP). Suddenly that tracking disappeared, seems coincident with upgrade to 3.0.2-b4.
A cue could be that, in 'user management' / 'create user', I don't see the token_auth column anymore (logged in as superuser of course) as shown in the docs, although I get the token in 'personal settings'.
Should I downgrade to e.g. 3.0.2-b3 as temp fix? how, in case


@tsteur commented on February 21st 2017 Member


we removed this column for security reasons. Only the user can see the token and nobody else.

See also #10938 and discussion in #11159

@mpaolo commented on February 21st 2017

ah ok ...
then for the muting of the tracking might be due to just me, resetting the 'admin' flag for that user

BTW note that that 'changes' in the updates notice pointed to 3.0.1 changelog instead of 3.0.2 changelog.

thank you!

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