@khromov opened this Issue on February 20th 2017

Minor issue with upgrading from Piwik 2 to Piwik 3 - When issuing the core:update it started counting the updates upwards, ie [0 / 22] ... [1 / 22] etc, but it didn't stop at 22, in the end I had:

Executing ALTER TABLE `piwik_log_link_visit_action` ADD COLUMN `idpageview` CHAR(6) NULL DEFAULT NULL, ADD COLUMN `interaction_position` SMALLINT UNSIGNED DEFAULT NULL, MODIFY COLUMN `time_spent_ref_action` INTEGER(10) UNSIGNED NULL;... Done. [52 / 22]

Piwik has been successfully updated!

Ie [52 / 22].

@mattab commented on February 21st 2017 Member

Thanks for the report. We can't easily fix this unfortunately, as some of the queries are not known before we actually run the updater. The count only includes those queries which are known before hand.

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