@dugwood opened this Issue on February 1st 2010

In the 2nd page of installation, I can read:
Limite mmoire 5242880M
(memory limit)

My php.ini is as follow:
memory_limit = 52428800

It's another way to fill the data, by specifing bytes only. So the formula isn't working here.

Page was: /piwik/index.php?action=systemCheck
Keywords: memory

@robocoder commented on February 1st 2010 Contributor

(In [1820]) fixes #1136 - get memory limit expects setting in megabytes

@dugwood commented on February 1st 2010

if(substr($memory, -1) == 'K') <====== shouldn't it be k not K? Or the use of strtolower() on the value? Perhaps a switch() statement would be better here (even if performance on this script isn't really an issue).

Thanks for fixing the bug.

@mattab commented on February 11th 2010 Member

see [1821]

This Issue was closed on February 11th 2010
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