@tipmaster opened this Issue on February 8th 2017

Getting the following error:

The following error just broke Piwik (v3.0.1):

Key "description" for array with keys "idsite, idgoal, name, match_attribute, pattern, pattern_type, case_sensitive, allow_multiple, revenue, deleted" does not exist in "@Goals/_listGoalEdit.twig" at line 51
/mgmt/piwik/3_0/piwik/vendor/twig/twig/lib/Twig/Template.php line 501

Any help?

@JimmyKuruvilla commented on February 10th 2017

Getting the same thing after an upgrade to 3.0 from 2.17.1:


Overview of goals and viewing individual goals works fine.

@tipmaster commented on February 10th 2017

I got this response from support which fixed the issue for me:

To answer your question: We haven't seen this error in Piwik 3 before. It sounds like there is a column "description" in the "piwik_goal" MySQL table missing. Can you or your system administrator execute this MySQL query and check if it works afterwards:

Solution: run this SQL query

ALTER TABLE piwik_goal ADD `description` VARCHAR(255) NOT NULL DEFAULT '';
@JimmyKuruvilla commented on February 10th 2017

@tipmaster thanks, that was definitely the problem. I guess the db upgrade missed a step (or maybe skipping a piwik version skipped a db migration).

@pgerstbach commented on February 17th 2017

I had the same issue, now it works after altering the table, thanks @tipmaster !

@DevDaveo commented on April 15th 2017

Having the same fatal error message too!

@sbuchali commented on May 29th 2017

We had the same error.

Piwik just told the administrator:

oops, an error occured ... contact your administrator

Nothing more. Only a 500 error in the access.log, but no more specific error message.

The solution posted by @tipmaster did also solve the problem for us. It seems that goals that were created in Piwik 2.x did not have the "description" column yet, which causes the error in 3.x

This Issue was closed on February 10th 2017
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