@twixi opened this Issue on January 23rd 2017

Ukraine on map not correctly reflects one region!
Map in PIWIK (not separate regions!)
Really country map

@Globulopolis commented on January 23rd 2017 Contributor

@twixi you mean that this region not an Ukrainian region anymore and piwik map should be corrected accordingly?

@twixi commented on January 23rd 2017

This region is only Ukrainian!
But his show not correctly on piwik map, in piwik showed one region "Crimea", but Ukraine have region Kherson and Crimea, in piwik showing like one!

Kherson is no on map at all!

@Globulopolis commented on January 23rd 2017 Contributor

This is disputable region. Anyway... No more politics.
See https://github.com/piwik/piwik/issues/9719 (about build script)

@twixi commented on January 23rd 2017

Kherson is not politics! His not show on map only!

@sgiehl commented on January 23rd 2017 Member

As @Globulopolis mentioned. We won't be able to work soon on that. We currently have no free capacities to work on fixes for the map. Maybe there is a volunteer who is keen on building a new one or fixing the current. If so, feel free to get in touch with us: hello@piwik.org

@sgiehl commented on June 13th 2022 Member
This Issue was closed on June 13th 2022
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