@ctuxboy opened this Issue on January 23rd 2017
@axelhahn commented on January 28th 2017

What is the HTTP reponse header in "Personal Health plan" website?
Is there a restriction "X-Frame..." that disallows putting the website into a frame?

@ctuxboy commented on January 30th 2017

Hi axelhahn,
I test it on this website: http://web-sniffer.net/
But can't see any restrictions or disallow frames.

@axelhahn commented on January 30th 2017

Hi Ctuxboy,

ah I see .. but I think you need to check where the error message in the console come from.

There one is labeled "Invalid X-Frame options". The web content istelf is visible in the screenshot - so it cannot be the X-Frame option in http header of the website.
This message is related to a request to (My mistake I didn't look carefully enough)

And the other red message is "ERR_CONNECTION_REFUSED". This can be because of an adblocker/ adnauseam/ microblock addon. Can you disable all for a moment (or use another webbrowser)?

good luck,

@mattab commented on February 21st 2017 Member
@ctuxboy commented on February 21st 2017

Hi, sorry for the late feedback. But no i don't tested yet.

@mattab commented on February 13th 2020 Member

Thanks for contributing to this issue. As it has been a few months since the last activity and we believe this is likely not an issue anymore, we will now close this. If that's not the case, please do feel free to either reopen this issue or open a new one. We will gladly take a look again!

@ctuxboy commented on February 14th 2020

Hi guys, sorry for the very late feedback.
I recieved a notifify in my mailbox about the issue.
The website doesn't exists anymore.
Sorry about that!

This Issue was closed on February 13th 2020
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