@anonymous-piwik-user opened this Issue on January 26th 2010

as of right now you can either make all stats public or not

if you include a public widget on your website, somebody with some piwik knowledge would easily be able to get all other statitics information as well

if we could say: "widget 1: pie chart of "users online"; range x-y; further options..." and "widget 2: bar chart of something else"
only those two would be publically accessable - the rest would still need proper authentication of moderators or admins

how could it work?
the problem is the auth token
in the above scenario we would have to create two special auth tokens - one for each widget. and they are only valid for this specific pattern of options

we would use a widget url like:


or even better: read all options from our setup in the piwik backend and just use the token:

i guess in the meantime i'm not able to use piwik widgets
Keywords: accessability widgets

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This Issue was closed on January 27th 2010
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