@jloh opened this Issue on January 11th 2017 Contributor

Trying to upload the PerformanceInfo plugin via the GUI since for some reason I can't find it via search (another issue I guess?) and I get the following error from the interface:

You did not specify a ZIP file.

Checking error logs shows the same:

FastCGI sent in stderr: "PHP message: Error in Piwik: You did not specify a ZIP file" while reading response header from upstream

I'm running PIwik 3.0.1 and PHP 7.0.8. Piwik also has write access to its dirs.

Installing a plugin through the Marketplace without manually uploading the ZIP works fine.

@jloh commented on January 11th 2017 Contributor

Turns out the performance plugin isn't compatible with 3.0.x, is that the issue maybe?

@mattab commented on February 20th 2017 Member

are you able to reproduce this issue with other plugins or just this one?

@sgiehl commented on September 10th 2017 Member

@jloh if you can reproduce that error with a plugin compatible with you piwik version, please open a new issue

This Issue was closed on September 10th 2017
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