@s1awa opened this Issue on January 9th 2017

I have one instance of Piwik where the Location Provider: GeoIP (Php) is not showing up after updating to 3.0.0. It was active and in use before the update.


Here is how a fresh install looks like

Edit: GeoIP2 Plugin was installed afterwards because all other location provider options are not available at this server.

Edit 2: Have this problem actually on 2 separate servers.

@alorence commented on January 24th 2017

I had the exact same problem. After disabling Geo IP 2 plugin, I was able to see (and enable) GeoIP (PHP) provider for location lookup. I suspect an incompatibility between Geo IP 2 and Piwik 3.

Edit: this is a known issue. See #11034
In addition, @diabl0, author of Geo IP2 is aware of the issue

@s1awa commented on January 24th 2017

@alorence Thanks, I will try to remove the plugin tomorrow.

@s1awa commented on January 25th 2017

@alorence Deactivating GeoIP2 (v0.1.2) solved the problem.

So this is another problem with the GeoIP2 Plugin.

@s1awa commented on August 25th 2017

@mattab FYI Plugin has fixed https://github.com/ahaenggli/piwik-geoip2/commit/320d4faa6c1ec611f645ca11558b058092ad09fb

It was missing the order key
'order' => 20

May be Piwik needs to check if a plugin doesn't have some required keys defined and let them use some other default value instead of letting it 'overwrite' a built in location provider.

This Issue was closed on January 25th 2017
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