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Tibet is not an independent country, is a province of China.

@Glisse1 commented on January 7th 2017

No, is an independent country. Like Taiwan. Like Kosovo is not part of Serbia anymore, and just like Macedonia is a country of its own today, not the northern province of Greece as it used to be 2400 years ago. So on and so forth. I m also sure that british ppl would love Piwik to change India to a province of British Empire, but flash news: it s 2017. Not anymore.

Stop living in the (very) distant past and stop asking websites/online games/piwik/etc to make u feel better by changing official international recognized maps. Otherwise i might ask for half of China because one of my ape ancestors step foot there first 40.000 years ago..

This ticket is completely invalid and should be closed.

@s1awa commented on January 10th 2017

@hoyang Please use search before creating an issue.

duplicate of #10343 #6006

info: https://github.com/piwik/piwik/issues/6994#issuecomment-69875712

@ppwwyyxx commented on August 2nd 2017

I would say you're the one who lives in a distant past. As someone in 2017 you'd at least know to use wikipedia as a trustworthy source of knowledge, rather than some random news report or your personal speculation.

Since you probably don't know, I'd be happy to help you with some links to the relevant pages, and the definition of the following names copied from wikipedia:
Tibet: is an autonomous region of the People's Republic of China in the Tibetan Plateau in Asia, spanning about 2.4 million km2 and nearly a quarter of China's territory.
Kosovo: is a disputed territory and partially recognised state in Southeastern Europe.
Macedonia: officially the Republic of Macedonia is a country in the Balkan peninsula in Southeast Europe.
India: is a country in South Asia.

By definition given by wikipedia, it already clearly shows the difference between Tibet and Kosovo, Macedonia, India. Your comments demonstrated a classical false analogy.

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