@mattab opened this Pull Request on December 26th 2016 Member

fixes #11058 correctly

For existing installations, these two fields must be manually updated to MEDIUMINT (because we are not allowed to make huge schema changes in a minor version)

@mattab commented on December 26th 2016 Member

Actually this PR will also cause any existing Piwik install to trigger a slow schema upgrade when upgrading to 3.0.1! Not sure if we should merge it as it would trigger a slow DB migration

@mattab commented on December 26th 2016 Member

Alternative would be:

  • do a min(value, 32767) in the tracker API to prevent mysql out of range issues
  • move this PR to PIwik 4.0
@jloh commented on November 15th 2017

I've run into this issue on a Piwik 3.1.x install and ran the fix described in #11722. This has however left my install slightly broken and not recording all visits from log_import.py. I posted a question on the forum however no one has replied. Is there a known fix/way to get the results into my install again?

@sgiehl commented on January 17th 2020 Member

rebased the branch and resolved the conflicts, guess it should be good to merge now

This Pull Request was closed on January 20th 2020
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