@x3ro opened this Pull Request on December 7th 2016 Contributor

My first PR draft to tackle #10753. I essentially scanned through git grep -iE "[^a-z](his/he/she/her)[^a-z]" to see what was change-worthy, and used "singular they" to remove the gender-specificity. Let me know if this is what you were aiming at @mattab, or if I missed something obvious.

@mattab commented on December 9th 2016 Owner

@x3ro Looks good! Thanks for the PR. Some tests are failing because report documentation changed, but don't worry we can also update them afterwards. Is this finished or do you find more cases in the UI? Could you maybe try also in our submodules that may contain such strings. our submodules are init with git submodule update --init

@michaelnordmeyer commented on December 26th 2016

Looks like the work is not finished: "they visits"

@x3ro commented on December 26th 2016 Contributor

Whoops, thanks. Fixed now.

@mattab commented on January 7th 2017 Owner

Thanks @x3ro for this PR! If you like to contribute to other parts of Piwik please check out our Priority Backlog

This Pull Request was closed on January 7th 2017
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