@mastertinner opened this Issue on December 3rd 2016

I have written a tutorial about how to deploy Piwik to Cloud Foundry: https://berndsgn.ch/run-piwik-on-cloud-foundry/

However, I am not too happy about how I have to edit the files which are part of Piwik additionally to the bootstrap.php file. Also, if I add a config/config.ini.php file, the app doesn't start on Cloud Foundry so I had to edit the global.ini.php directly which is far from optimal. Could you guys give me some inisghts on how to improve the blog post and how I could avoid having to change the files mentioned above? The whole goal is to have a database configuration which is dynamically read from the environment variables on start up of the app.

@tsteur commented on December 3rd 2016 Member
@bbodenmiller commented on November 6th 2018

@mastertinner great tutorial. Have you published the code on GitHub anywhere or know of any Matomo on Cloud Foundry GitHub projects?

@mastertinner commented on November 6th 2018

@bbodenmiller, all the code that deviates from Matomo should be part of the tutorial. I don't know if the tutorial still works with Matomo though because the tutorial was written quite a while ago.

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