@hpvd opened this Issue on December 3rd 2016

Just saw a visit in visitorlog from outside of selceted date range
Was first look in the morning and date-range was "day": maybe it has something to do with some kind of auto set date to today...
please see attachment.

@tsteur commented on December 3rd 2016 Owner

Is your website in the same timezone? At what time in your timezone did you request the data? (and which timezone is your website in?)

@hpvd commented on December 4th 2016

timezone of website is Europe/Berlin. Piwik and website run on same server.
Request was around 7:45 in the morning.

@tsteur commented on December 4th 2016 Owner

Was the browser maybe open over night? Meaning, before viewing that page, did you completely reload the page or open it directly?

@tsteur commented on December 7th 2016 Owner

I just had a similar problem before. I noticed when Piwik thinks it is viewing today then the log will only show >= timeStart but not >=timeStart,<=timeEnd and in my case there were already some visits logged "in the future". My case might be a bit different but related code is here: https://github.com/piwik/piwik/blob/3.0.0-b5/plugins/Live/Model.php#L495 Maybe the timezone is not correctly applied when checking Date::factory($dateString)->toString('Y-m-d') != Date::factory('now', $currentTimezone)->toString(). I have seen code parts where we needed to do instead Date::factory($dateString)->setTimezone($timezone)->toString('Y-m-d') instead of Date::factory($dateString, $timezone)->toString('Y-m-d').

Also I think in the first Date::factory($dateString)->toString('Y-m-d') the timezone is missing.

@hpvd commented on March 28th 2017

still there in 3.03b1
same visit is shown on different dates (27.03. and 28.03 (today))


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