@mattab opened this Pull Request on November 14th 2016 Member

port #10859


  • display the alert in the footer of Events report. @tsteur maybe you know if it's possible in Piwik 3 to hook into the footer of a given report? (In Piwik 2 we would post an event in the template eg. {{ postEvent("Template.afterEventsReport") }})
@tsteur commented on November 14th 2016 Member

You could create a new widget and place it on the events report page. No hooks needed anymore as all pages can be enriched. Eg like $widgetConfig->setCategory(General_Actions)->setSubcategory(General_Events)->setOrder(10)->setNotWidgetizable() something like that could be the config :)

If only a dataTable needs to be enriched $view->config->show_footer_message = '' can help

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