@phoob opened this Issue on November 13th 2016 Contributor

Using Piwik 2.17.0 (PHP 7.0.8-0ubuntu0.16.04.3), I get some odd behavior for the Actions reports where the tables are based on page urls. Some urls are displayed twice: once in hierarchies and once flat. They have different counts for page views etc. See attached screen shot. I have no idea where to start explaining this.. but I can't seem to find any similar issue here.


@mattab commented on December 6th 2016 Member

Thanks for the report @phoob - it does look like a bug and we haven't heard about this otherwise.

Does anyone else experience this issue?

@phoob commented on December 10th 2016 Contributor

Seems it might be related to the fact that I used jQuery Waypoints to track events (when user scrolled to 50%, 75% and 100% of pages). The symptoms came and went away at about (but not exactly) the same time I tried that... this was the code that I used:

$(document).ready(function() {

window.trackScrolling = function(){
  var waypoints = [0.75,1];
    var dh = $(document).height();
    var wh = $(window).height();
    var currentUrl = window.location.href.split('?')[0].replace(/\/?$/, '/'); // <-- could that f**k s**t up?
    waypoints[i] = new Waypoint({
      element: document.body,
      handler: function(dir){
        _paq.push(['trackEvent', 'Scroll', wp*100 + '%', currentUrl ]);
      offset: '-' + ((dh*wp)-wh)
@tsteur commented on December 11th 2016 Member

Maybe some URLs are sent URL encoded and some not. Try _paq.push(['trackEvent', 'Scroll', wp*100 + '%', decodeURIComponent(currentUrl) ]);

@mattab commented on December 15th 2016 Member

Btw there's also this tool for tracking scrolls down the page in piwik http://rodi.sk/misc/piwik-scroll-depth/

@mattab commented on June 19th 2017 Member

Cannot reproduce yet

This Issue was closed on June 19th 2017
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