@mattab opened this Issue on November 12th 2016 Member

Currently the system check issues a warning when the piwik.js file is not writable.

The feature of editing piwik.js file to add custom JS code is very useful for providing advanced JavaScript integrations such as was done for Media Analytics and AB Testing.

On the other hand:

  • for most users at the moment, the piwik.js does not need to be writable as all core features are included in the file already.
  • as a best practise for optimal security, or in some particular deploy scenario, one simply cannot make the file writable...

So because of these two points I propose that we could:

  • Don't Warn in system check but instead display an info (as long as no plugin requires to hook into the piwik.js. if a plugin requires piwik.js then, display warn)
  • Change the message eg. replace In the future even some core features might not work as expected. by In the future, some of your plugins might not work as expected. or so

Reported in #10706

@tsteur commented on November 12th 2016 Member

We should still warn because we eventually would like to refactor all plugins and make more use of it. Otherwise people will never make it writable. Also it is only a warning, not an error so people can ignore it if they choose so. It will save us a lot of pain over time when it is a warning and when people do make it writable.

This Issue was closed on December 6th 2016
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