@pafgoncalves opened this Pull Request on November 9th 2016 Contributor

Allows to use regular expressions in the exclude parameters option.
Doesn't break compatibility if the parameter is not a regular expression, doing a strict compare.
"/.*/" can be used to exclude all parameters.

@mattab commented on November 11th 2016 Member

Thanks @pafgoncalves for the PR! That'd be a useful new feature indeed. Here is my review:

  • in the UI it would be useful to mention that the excluding parameters list supports regular expression and give an example eg. "You can also use a regular expression such as XYZ". What would be a good XYZ realistic regex example?
  • could you maybe add a unit test in UrlHelperTest file, to ensure that in the future this feature is never broken and always works? Unfortunately there was no test already for the
  • ideally the integration test in tests/PHPUnit/Integration/Tracker/ActionTest.php would also have new test cases with regex (in getTestUrls)

we're looking forward to merging this after these few changes!

@pafgoncalves commented on November 14th 2016 Contributor

I have made the requested changes.
See if it's ok.

@mattab commented on November 30th 2016 Member

@pafgoncalves Thanks for the follow up and this great PR :+1: Would love to see you contribute more to Piwik as this is fantastic contribution.

This Pull Request was closed on November 30th 2016
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