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I was not understanding why tracking for one of my website was not working...I used bugzilla to check what was happening on network side and discover a 403 error on GET /piwik.php.

I tryed to play with the URL. I saw that parameter "action_name" has page title as value. I found that if I remove the apostrophe in page title it was working fine!
My web site name contains an apostrophe (character = ' ) and site name is used in all website pages title...

Not sure it is a bug, maybe it's "working as expected"...if not a bug, I would like to know if there is a workaround...?

Right now I replace the apostrophe with a space...

Thank you for your reply.

@tsteur commented on November 6th 2016 Member

I have tried to reproduce this but couldn't. I think we pretty much do not even send a 403 when tracking. Likely you have some kind of security mod active which prevents forwarding the call to Piwik and directly blocks it. I'd recommend to ask your sys-admin / hoster or have a look at your server configuration.

@fred-the-coder commented on November 7th 2016

Thank you for your answer!
Remind that tracking is working when I remove the apostrophe in page title. Page title which is part of the URL sent for tracking....

@tsteur commented on November 7th 2016 Member

Yes, that's what the security mod is likely blocking, the apostrophe. Please check with your hoster / sys admin it's likely a security mod or security plugin.

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