@blu-IT opened this Issue on October 31st 2016


I would appreciate very much, when the automatic e-mail notification for piwik (or plugin) updates would countain the links starting with https:// for secure connections to the host.

My notification looks like this

I wolud like to get it like this:

Is it possible?



@22h commented on March 27th 2017 Contributor

I have search for wrong protocol using in mails, but all of them are correct.
Only a handful links to piwik.org are with http, but i think this is ok, because piwik.org have an redirect to https.

@22h commented on October 3rd 2017 Contributor

Sorry guys, but as I mentioned before, the ticket can be closed because the problem has already been fixed.

This Issue was closed on October 3rd 2017
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