@ham1 opened this Pull Request on September 22nd 2013 Contributor
@mattab commented on September 23rd 2013 Member

Thanks for the pr. In the core there are hundreds of places with the if() without space. I think to be consistent we should fix them all or not fix them. To fix them all, the onyl reasonnable way that I know is to use phpstorm. We may do it at some point( "Code > Reformat")

@ham1 commented on September 23rd 2013 Contributor

Hi Matt, while I don't agree with the all or nothing, I did the following:
find core/ plugins/ -name "*.php" | xargs grep -e " if(" -e " foreach("

and corrected all that I found. I have just noticed however that there are a few files which have tabs instead of spaces but there don't appear to be 100s as you suggest. Just a handful, unless you think my method at finding them is flawed?

I also tried find -name "*.php" -exec cat '{}' \; | grep -e "if(" -e "foreach(" and got the same results. There does appear to be 452 of them in lib however.


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