@mattab opened this Issue on September 30th 2016 Owner

I don't manage to reproduce this one consistently or even easily, but for sure sometimes the control, are being partially hidden, as if the overflow was hidden.

It ends up looking like this, making the datatable controls unusable / un-reachable:

custom var goal metrics controls hidden

@mattab commented on September 30th 2016 Owner

Here is how to reproduce consistently:

  • Open the browser with a small width eg. like a mobile phone
  • Open the page Visitors > Devices
  • The controls are hidden:

hidden controls

Maybe this article talks about this issue, but not sure: https://css-tricks.com/popping-hidden-overflow/ - if that's the same issue, it seems maybe we'd need to position the element in javascript manually.

@mattab commented on September 30th 2016 Owner

Looks like a limitation of HTML/CSS as per http://stackoverflow.com/a/6112856

Solution could be to extract the DOM node for the footer list, and move it out of the container.. likely we don't do it (non trivial?)

@tsteur commented on September 30th 2016 Owner

very non trivial

@mattab commented on September 30th 2016 Owner

Moving back to 3.0.0 (ie. we don't need to do it before release, maybe during 3.X dev cycle...)

This Issue was closed on November 20th 2017
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