@udomsak opened this Issue on September 27th 2016


After few day on lab with how to archive high speed and volume with Piwik. I have many DB choice to run

  • MariaDB Cassandra
  • MariaDB Spider Storage
  • TokuDB

Both Cassandra and Spider Storage engine are problem with schema table that difficult to change although you can do it manually database shell. But when you running with Piwik can cause Piwik error and stop to work.

  • datetime data-type from Piwik not compatible with time data type of Cassandra.
  • When you change schema on Database can cause Piwik stop this issue are effect with both ( Cassandra and Spider storage database engine )


  • Cassandra work well.
  • Spider storage engine work great.


  • Handy and easy to modify Piwik database schema at lease change Table storage engine.
  • This can help when you deal with traffic over 100 million stat per week. or at lease 5Million per day.
  • HHVM does not help cause most work load ( 90% ) on 'read' operation such as report or statistic on time you select.

    Other sugestion

  • Please change database driver to support Asynchronous too.

    From my mind. :)

  • Piwik is a great software and fast ( for small traffic ) with a lot of custom tracking feature but it hard to modify back-end as need.

    Thank you for greate software building. 👍

@gaumondp commented on September 27th 2016

Can you share your experience with Toku ? I've been interested in that one for a long time but never had time and resources to do speed testing. What kills the Piwik experience here is speed when doing "Date range" and "Segmentation based on few IP exclusions".

I only have 100 millions row (about 35 GB) for 3 years of data and it takes 30 minutes to get a report using date range+IP exclusion.

@udomsak commented on September 28th 2016

On testing @gaumondp :) I just put on staging last night. Will share you later, sure. :)

@DeepakkumarArumugam commented on January 31st 2018

Do we have any update on supporting different database schema like maria db with Matamo?
Any help will be highly appreciated.

@tsteur commented on January 31st 2018 Member

Maria DB with Matomo should work and there is nothing needed to be changed 👍

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