@tassoman opened this Issue on September 20th 2016 Contributor

Hello there,
writing plugins you suggest to avoid adding strings then reusing already present strings.
I wrote a backporting MobileVsDestop plugin and I'm using:

  • General_Mobile
  • General_Desktop
  • General_Unknown

to refer to a translated string of device types.

The problem is I get a warning while visiting old stats. Any help is appreciated :)


@sgiehl commented on September 20th 2016 Member

Without knowing what exactly is in RerMobVsDesk.php line 51, it's hard to say what is going wrong. The translation key should still exist.

@tassoman commented on September 20th 2016 Contributor

Foreach Device Family I found, I sum _nbvisits by type. My reference is the old functions.php I've found in MobileVsDesktop plugin < 2.10.x

To fill types I'm using an array as matrix with the General_* string as key so I bet I'm trying to sum something not yet existent. Nevermind.

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