@hpvd opened this Issue on September 19th 2016

Since not only "number of visits" is a global goal for a page but also time spent on,
it would be nice to show in action/pages: also "total time on page"
so one do not have to manually multiply number of visits with the average duration...


@mattab commented on September 26th 2016 Member

Hi @hpvd - thanks for suggestion. Ideally there would be a way to display this metric in the report, but I'm not willing to display it by default as it's not often useful to users. Any idea how we could solve this maybe?

@KrzysztofMadejski commented on February 17th 2021

Couldn't Matomo allow to hide & show columns in data tables? That should be quite straightforward. Some can be enabled by default.

Visible columns should also affect what visualizations show.

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